Back on the Bayou Road


"In music and pop culture today, subtlety & taste are in very short supply. But this has both in spades. Soulful, gritty vocals, driving guitar, solos with great bite. Something to behold. His is a style few people have anymore." — John Heidt, Vintage Guitar

Track List

  1. Hot Louisiana Rock
  2. Done Did Dat
  3. Back On the Bayou Road
  4. Gator Bait
  5. I Gotta Moan
  6. Surrender to Love
  7. A Woman Like You
  8. Mojo Man
  9. Leave Well Enough Alone
  10. Delta Cat
  11. Karma Come
  12. Mathilda
  13. Who You Gonna Hoodoo
  14. Two Tone Baby
  15. I'm a Louisiana Man


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