Doorway to Heaven


Love and Light in Louisiana. Intimate Songs / Smooth Vocals / Archtop Guitar / Upright Bass / Jazz Drums.

"His guitar playing is chock full of warm jazz tones — soft delicate chords that often break into fluid solos. His wispy, expressive vocal delivery is equally creative...feels metaphysical — a stereo marvel circling the senses. Walter Jr. is a master of delivering messages masked in melody." (Offbeat Magazine)

Track Listings

  1. Open Invitation to the Blues
  2. Even When
  3. Until the Two Become One
  4. When Her World Stands Still
  5. Won't Ever Be the Same
  6. Inside Her Eyes
  7. Can I Keep Falling?
  8. Right There
  9. Some Better Day
  10. I Am All Yours
  11. Doorway to Heaven 11:11
  12. Have You Seen the Light?